Selasa, 24 April 2012


TTPOD 3.3.0


TTPOD APK is a music player for Android devices utilizing our self-developed decoder. Not only that it has a powerful and customizable UI with user selectable skins and stunning visual effects, it is also completely free.

It also supports minilyrics style lyrics display with always on top floating lyrics and our database includes huge amount of lyrics and album acts for automatic download .

Its simple and refined operation will bring you a new and exciting experience for enjoying your music and should be an essential tool for mobile users.

One of the most successful and popular music players for Android.

TTPod APK is one of the most successful and popular music players for Android with more than 10 million downloads worldwide.

What’s the TTPod powerful features:
  • High quality decoding with mp3,mp4/m4a,wma,flac and ape; 
  • Built in graphic and customize EQ; 
  • High accurate lyrics and album acts downloads; 
  • Plenty of skins to chose from; 
  • Minilyrics style floating lyrics.

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