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How to Remove Default ROM applications on Android Phones?

How to Remove Default ROM applications

How to Remove Default ROM applications on Android Phones

Are you wondering how to remove an application that has been bundling with congenital ROM that you install on an Android phone? Take it easy, because on this occasion I will discuss about it, How to Remove Default ROM applications on Android phones?

Perhaps you are tired of looking at applications that are not useful in our part of the Android menu, or you do not know the function of the menu? Surely you will remove the application, but do not know how to Delete Applications are? Or would you even let menu of the application remains on the menu your Android phone? That will make your Android phone to be wasteful of memory. We better remove the application by following the steps - the steps below:

1. Prepare rootex (Root Explorer) as a tool of our time fighting this. If you do not already have it, please download here and then install.
2. Then open the application rootex already was installed.
3. Go to the directory system / app / (this is the application). Do not remove all of it? Delete that you think are not necessary.
4. If you can not remove it and display a warning “….apk cannot be deleted because the file system is read-only”, do not panic. Navigate your views into the upper right corner and click the box that says Mount R / O to Mount R / W.
5. Then repeat the process of elimination.
6. Click Yes to remove it. Completed.
7. Reboot to see changes.

Easy is not it? Using only one application we can remove all the applications on our Android phones. But do not remove all, if cleared of all or any of the deletion could be your Android phone will be the error. So please be careful.

Note: Any damage caused is your own responsibility, and is not my responsibility. So please be - careful

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