Senin, 30 Januari 2012

Android Applications That Contains a Virus

Android Applications That Contains a Virus

Symantec has just released a list of applications that contain a virus. Some of them are still circulating widely in the Android Market. One type of virus that has just detected is counterclank, these malicious programs have the ability to spy on his victim and sends a number of important data to the creator. Counterclank virus spread was quite rapid. Because, in addition made ​​by the three developers, the virus can also spread through the android market, as released BlogSymantec.

At least, there are 13 applications that contain viruses were identified by Symantec in the Android Market.

List of applications should not be downloaded:
1. Counter Elite Force
2. Conter Strike Ground Force
3. Counter Strike Hit Enemy
4. Heart Live Wallpaper
5. Hit Counter Terrorist
6. Stripper Touch Girl
7. Balloon Game
8. Deal & Be Millionaire
9. Wild Man
10. Pretty Women Lingerie Puzzle
11. Sexy Girls Photo Game
12. Sexy Girls Puzzle
13. Sexy Women Puzzle

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