Jumat, 02 Desember 2011

Text Bomber for Android

Text Bomber for Android

Text Bomber for Android

In a previous post I've ever shared about SMS Bomber Application for Android and on this occasion I still will share about SMS Bomber but did not use the same application, ie using the Text Bomber application.

This application is an application whose function is still the same as the application of SMS Bomber, send an SMS that is as much as possible with a single touch. With this application Bomber Text you can send SMS as much as possible to one destination number without having to painstakingly send many - times. But unfortunately this application is not able to MultiContact, which is sent to multiple phone numbers, but only one phone number only.

For applications Text Bomber is a little different from the first application that I share some time ago, namely SMS Bomber. Features for this one application there is little development in comparison with SMS Bomber, but there are also bugs that we can not take directly from the contact phone number to us.

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