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SMS Bomber for Android

SMS Bomber

SMS Bomber for Android

Have you ever heard the term SMS Bomber? Or even you've sent so many messages simultaneously within a short time? If yes, you mean once it was bombed by your friend or someone you do not know yet that person determines your mobile number. And on this occasion I will share about the applications that I discussed above, namely SMS Bomber.

Perhaps of all the past you've heard it, and often you hear it for the PC version right? But for those of you who want to try it on Android phones are now available. Actually, this application has been outstanding long enough there's even a website or blog that first SMS Bomber share regarding this application.

For how to use it very easily. You simply enter the number you want to send SMS (max 40 messages) in the column Number of SMS, then type the message you want in the Message field and enter the destination number in column Receiver. Easy right? But unfortunately for the number of the message as I mentioned above can not exceed than 40 messages, but quite okay for our Android phones. So, with this application you do not need to turn on your computer to work on your friends.

What about the cost of credit? To charge your credit is subject to normal tariff provider, but if you have free SMS, then reduced it is a bonus free SMS. Well, how? You are interested in using aplikasiini? Please just download this app for free via the link I've provided below this post.

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