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Apple iPhone 5 Features

iPhone 5
If we believe the rumours, Apple's next generation phone, iPhone 5 will be launched in October. Since the launch of its predecessor we have been speculating what the upcoming iPhone model will entail. The questions have ranged about its bigger display, modifications and even about the presence of the low-end iPhone model. But we really don’t know what actually it will be like.

However this hasn't stopped us from updating a list of features that we would like the iPhone 5 to must have.

More advanced hardware - While the iPhone 4 is absolutely no droop, even then a refresh is required for sure. To stand out in the crowd, iPhone 5 must have a faster dual-core processor, better RAM, and more graphics power. We also expect an improved 8-megapixel camera, comprising of better storage and longer battery life. Due to advanced hardware, the handset will lead to better apps and games.

Wireless charging - We believe that one of the biggest limitations of any smartphone is its battery. It would be really hard to spend an entire day without plugging in your smartphone for charge. To get rid of that we would like to see a wireless charging dock or pad for the upcoming iPhone model.

Biometric security - Most of us store quite sensitive and important information on our handsets so, an extra level of security should be added to it. Biometric security measures could also be expected to be added in the device, whether it is facial recognition or a fingerprint scanner, which can make an iPhone more secure.

Enhanced voice control - The iPhone 5 should also have an enhanced voice control feature, as the brand has licensed voice control technology from voice technology company Nuance. As the iOS 5 beta continued to progress, we hope that Apple would come out with the voice controls for the next iPhone. This new improvement might even smack down Google’s popular voice actions on Android.

4G/ LTE - Now a days a lot of Android based devices are sporting 4G network features, we would like to see iPhone 5 to offer HSPA+ and preferably LTE, as some countries have started to move to LTE. However, for India it will still take time where 3G has not yet spread completely.

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